685 W. Linmar Lane
Johnson Creek, WI 53038
I-94 and HWY 26, Exit No. 267
Truck Stop
Travel Plaza & Pizza Phone:   920-699-2766
Restaurant & Carryout Phone:   920-699-2767


Gas -Diesel -Diesel Exhaust Fluid -Restaurant -Bakery -Deli -Pizza -ATM -Propane -Truck Accessories -Scale -Trip Pak -UPS -Fedex -Us Mail -Clean Restrooms -WI Cheese -Automotive -Dairy -Gifts -Magazines -Lottery -Fax -Copies -Stamps -Gift Cards -Harvest Ridge Coffee -Ice -Tobacoo -AND SO MUCH MORE!


The Pine Cone Travel Plaza provides 70 stalls for truck parking. We have clean private shower areas. A fully stocked self service laundry area and a spacious seating area furnished with comfortable seating, cable TV, games and free WiFi.

CAT SCALE – Certified Scales

Largest truck scale network with over 1,200 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Meets Government requirements for billing.

Travel Plaza

OPEN 24 hours, 7 days a week – A convenience store that has a “Little bit of everything”

Automotive and truck service supplies – Click here for a complete list

Convenience Store – Candies, gum, crackers, snacks, pet food, laundry, supples, office supplies, gifts, clothing, groceries, automotive and truck supplies (filters, headlights, oil, transmission fluid, wiper blades, CB’s, radar detectors, antennas and wire, reflectors) and much much, more!

Bakery & Deli

Bakery – Serving daily, freshly baked homemade goodies, such as eclairs, cream puffs, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and much, much more!

Pizza – By the slice or whole pizzas made to order and available to you….. 24 hours per day.

Deli – Hot served broasted chicken, broasted potatoes, hot beef, and custom made pizzas, hot subs, and taste-tempting hamburgers and cheeseburgers.


OPEN 24 hours, 7 days a week – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served anytime!

Making food the old-fashioned way from scratch is one of the secrets to our success and we always GUARANTEE FRESHNESS. We also boast a daily selection of over 10 kinds of pies, tasty eclairs and gigantic cream puffs, along with our famous cinnamon and caramel rolls. The Pine Cone staff is looking forward to meeting you. We’ll do our best to serve up great food, friendly conversation, and a full cup of coffee. Hope to see you soon!

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